Coronavirus Update

03/22/2020:  Drs. Wu, Woodward, & Saltman, and staff want to let you know that we are here to help.  As we constantly monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that our community, country and world are now facing, our goal, like yours, is to limit the spread of the virus to our patients and families while still ensuring access to excellent oral surgical care.  At the guidance of the CDC, American Dental Association, and the Maryland Department of Health, our office has decided to delay all elective surgeries for the next two weeks in order to protect our existing patients, staff, and families.  After two weeks, we will be re-evaluating the situation and adjusting our business operations based upon the guidance of the healthcare authorities.  

During this time, we will have very limited staffing and can only provide select emergency care.   

If you are having difficulty breathing from expanding swelling due to an oral infection, please head to the emergency department or call 911.  

If you are an existing patient with urgent concerns, please contact our office at (301) 916-0486 and leave a message with your name, DOB, contact phone number, along with a description of your emergency. 

Our after-hours emergency number is for active surgical patients only.  The number can be obtained by calling (301) 916-0486 and listening to our answering machine message.  We will respond back as soon as possible.

If you are not an existing patient and feel you have an emergency, please leave a message with your name, DOB, contact phone number and email address, your general dentist’s name, and description of your issue.

Please note that messages with incomplete information may not receive a response. 


No walk-ins allowed.  All persons without an appointment will be asked to leave and call the office to schedule.


  • Patients with the flu or flu-like symptoms (fever above 99.1 degrees, coughing, difficulty breathing) should NOT come to our office and should call to reschedule their appointments to a later date after clearance by a physician.
    • If you are exhibiting symptoms, you will be rescheduled.
  • If you have traveled to a country with a CDC Level 3 Travel Notice or has had contact with someone who has traveled to one of these countries, we ask that you self-isolate at home for at least 14 days from the time that you returned to this country, and to call us to reschedule.
  • Patients who have had contact with another person with flu, flu-like symptoms or confirmed COVID-19 positive testing, or recent travel to a country with a CDC Level 3 Travel Notice should NOT come to our office and should call to reschedule their appointments after at least 14 days of self-isolation from the most recent time of contact.
  • All new patients must complete the Patient Registration Packet at home to minimize time sitting in the waiting room.  If you are unable to do so, please call the office to arrange other measures.  Patients without welcome packets completed will be rescheduled.


  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.  If you arrive earlier, we ask that you kindly wait in your vehicle, unless arranged with our office before your arrival.
  • Only ONE parent/guardian or guest may accompany the patient, unless arranged with our office before your arrival.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer at the front desk upon arrival and when leaving our office.
  • We will be using social distancing, refraining from hand-shaking, and other methods to limit the risk of transmission of COVID-19.
  • Do not put your hands in or around your mouth and face while in the office.  We appreciate your desire to show us the problem area, but we will do so in a way that does not spread saliva around the office and to others.

We appreciate your understanding as we all adjust to the current challenges this pandemic presents.  Working together, we can keep everyone as safe as possible and still provide you with exceptional oral surgery care.